Big Promotion at KFC Luy Ban Bich - HCM

Hot news for KFC fans! 99K Promotion is returned at KFC Luy Ban Bich HCM. Only 99,000 VND, you will get 05 pcs KFC Hot & Spicy Chicken, saving more than 71,000 VND. See more

What to eat on lunch? Value lunch combo only 35,000 VND/combo

When lunch time come, you were worried about the question “What to eat on lunch?. Now you will have the simple answer with KFC special combo for lunch include Pepsi, that’s enough for your lunch only 35,000 VND. If you work in office or study in school, you should come to KFC to enjoy your lunch. So good, so saving! See more

What’s the date today?

“What’s the date today?” promotion is continuing. KFC will also offer you the best deal for others. Let’s check the special menu with KFC. See more

Enjoy Coffee with KFC

The hot news for Coffeeholic!!! KFC will launch the coffee with five types hot and cold for your choice. See more

Launching new Krushers of KFC!

Cool down the hot season with new Krushers of KFC with shaved ice, ice cream and fruit. You can choose 1 in 3 flavours: aloe vera + orange, blueberry and kiwi. See more

Enjoy KFC Chicken Nuggets

KFC launched the new food “KFC Chicken Nuggets” at all KFC stores in Viet Nam. KFC Chicken Nuggets with unique flavour, use whole-muscle chicken to keep the best quality. See more