KFC Peach Tea–Fresh tea, delicious peach!

Dear KFCers, “wonderful” Peach Tea is available in KFC.

A combination of fresh tea and delicious slices of peach, KFC Peach tea will bring the new flavor

KFC brings you a new flavor "Peach Tea". You can enjoy freshness of tea and sweet pieces of peach. An affordable price for just 22k per glass of delicious Peach Tea. A special price of 17k/glass when you buy it with a Snackbox. Deliciously reasonable price!!!

KFC Fried Chicken and a glass of Peach Tea is one perfect combination, right? So go and visit KFC and be the first to enjoy this delicious Peach Tea peach

This product is available only at KFC outlets in Vietnam


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KFC Peach Tea–Fresh tea, delicious peach!

Dear KFCers, “wonderful” Peach Tea is available in KFC. See more

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