New Combo 49k – Best Value!

From now, you won’t worry about the price because KFC will launch new Combo 49K. Wow! So Good. See more

Milkfoam KACCHIATO from KFC!

KFC is launching new product milkfoam KACCHIATO. See more

Launching Spaghetti with KFC!

From now, KFC fans shouldn’t travel to Italy to try authentic Spaghetti. KFC will launch the Spaghetti with Italian authentic style. See more

Buy KFC fried chicken to get the best price of premium gift!

KFC launched the collection of premium gift. You can use them to go the picnic, go to the university. See more

Chizza – “Pizza no crust, all chicken” will be relaunched!

Hot news for KFC fans! From now on, KFC will relaunch Chizza – Pizza no crust, all chicken at all stores in Viet Nam. See more

Crazy Wednesday with KFC!

This summer, KFC will launch the big promotion “Crazy Wednesday”. See more

What to eat on lunch?

When lunch time come, you were worried about the question “What to eat on lunch?. Now you will have the simple answer with KFC special combo for lunch include Pepsi, that’s enough for your lunch only from 35,000 VND. See more